Left Wing Politics in the USA in 2018 And Beyond


As a member of the Democratic Party (view link reference), it concerns me when I see the term of President Donald Trump seemingly disrupting all of the hard work, plans and decisions that were made by President Barack Obama during his terms in office. The Trump era has already brought about the attempt to dismantle the Obama healthcare plan and other efforts made during his administration.

But the real question is what can the Democratic Party do about the seemingly constant onslaught attack on what the Democrats and President Barack Obama tried to accomplish during his 8 years in office?
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The Democratic party seems almost non-existent these days. While I do not doubt that they are fighting hard, the politics as usual does not seem to work for them anymore. The Republicans have the presidential candidate, the power in the senate and power in the house of representatives. This leaves the Democrats in a constant concerned state of how to fight back where they actually can make a positive impact for the American people. It does not appear that the Democratic party has been able to stop much legislation that has come into the senate or the house of representatives or stop Trump from waving his magic wand to do away with Obama laws and those that have been on the books for a lifetime.

Monies for social programs like social security, medicaid and medicare have taken a noticeable hit by the president and he does not seem to be slowing down.

The Democratic Party is seemingly weak against anything that the Republicans want to do right now and must come up with a plan to bring some Republicans to their side. The Democratic party must try and win seats in the house and senate during upcoming mid term elections to bring the majority votes back to the party and increase their presence in the Trump campaign to ignore them.


While the Democratic Party seems to be at a standstill right now regarding how to overpower Trump and his decisions with a majority senate and house, there are ways to overcome. A grave mistake that Trump is having now is the investigation into whether Russia actually was involved within the presidential election. The investigation has gotten several key White House officials, including some of Trumps decision makers and they are being punished. The assumption is that they will eventually get to President Trump to prove that he too was involved.

There are also members of the White House cabinet who have been leaving because they do not feel comfortable with the direction of the administration. And then there are the famous tweets that the president seems to send out at whim, that does so much damage at times, that even his immediate team cannot handle the pressure from the press. And of course the isolation that he has caused for the American people with his projection about the Mexican wall, his dismissive attitude towards people of class, color and other socio-economic differences. And of course the way that he has no tolerance of women and their right to be treated with respect. Trump’s rating are at an all time low among suburban people and this is where the Democratic party should focus. Another mistake is his seemingly endless reputation of delivering messages that should be classified over the airwaves to terrorist leaders of North Korea and Russia.