Varieties of Left-Wing Politics That Can Be Found In the US

Left-wing politics have continued to be popular across the globe. There is barely any country that does not recognize them. Originally, these politics along with the term emerged on the scene during the late 1700s following the French revolution. This was a time when some circles of the society began to rebel against the monarchy system. In later years, it became the center of governance across Europe. Today, these politics now characterize most of the countries around the globe. The US is among the most significant countries to have embraced left-wing politics.

The general picture

USA Government
USA Political System

The important thing to note about left-wing politics is the fact that it is a political system in which liberalization is at the center. Even though the state has control over the affairs of the country, the people are free to air views on a number of matters. It is a form of democracy since it emphasizes the need to address the desires of the people. In the past, it was often said to be a radical form of politics since its original proponents were considered radical prior to the onset of the French revolution.

Varieties that are found within the political system of the US

In the US, left-wing politics are practiced. They are at the center of the country’s political system and their attributes can be observed quite easily in the manner in which the country is governed. But, varieties of these politics are in existence. Even for a country which seems to be driven by a single political system as the US is, it is easy to detect the existence of these varieties. The following are some of the most notable varieties of left-wing politics that are exhibited by the US political system.

 Left-Wing Politics
Illustration of Left-Wing Politics

Center left; this is the liberal form of left-wing politics. Today, the center left politics are at the center of the US political system. They are based on limiting the state’s intervention in the affairs of the public. Secularism is embraced and often placed ahead of any religious or customary beliefs. Further, the mixed economy is embraced and market players are at liberty to make a number of decisions without worrying about government’s intervention. Social democrats and liberals fall into the category of parties that embrace the center left kind of political system.

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Ultra left and far left; the terms far left and ultra left often refer to the kind of political system in which radicalism is embraced. These are said to be parties that value communism and an autonomy form of government. Although these parties are subdued, they are still in existence within the US. They often tend to value the need to use extreme ways of airing their views rather than a formal deliberation process with the concerned authorities. Both far and ultra left often refer to the same thing although they actually exist on the extreme ends of the center of the left-wing political system.